Sar Shahar graduated in 2006 from CalArts with a BFA in Fine Arts. His previous comic, Sequential Vacation 1, was selected as one of the thirty best mini-comics of the year by the Comics Journal. He lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches drawing and cartooning classes to middle and high school students.


Sar’s comics can be found in the Secret Acres Emporium here.


The Top 30 Minicomics of 2011 This silent comic about a fast food worker and a woman he falls in love with after a one-night stand is visually powerful and witty. There’s a nasty undercurrent related to the dehumanization of fast food workers, but that’s a sideline to the alienating effect of city life in general. This is very promising work.

– Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

Sequential Vacation #2 is a gorgeous, contemplative, lovingly composed little comic by Los Angeles-based cartoonist Sar Shahar. Through powerful images and precise design, Shahar conjures summer heat, hazy love, muted loneliness and the endless noise of contemporary life. Words are used sparingly, but to powerful effect– the text transforms into a dramatic visual element, overwhelming the frame.

– Graham Kolbeins, Future Shipwreck

Top 20 Self-Published Comics and Minicomics
One of the most striking minis I’ve seen this year. Spookily evocative, and simultaneously detached and sexy in a Kubrickian sort of way.

– Rob Kirby, Rob Kirbry Comics



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