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Eschew #3 by Robert Sergel

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Eschew deploys a truly immaculate, almost inhumanly perfect line to depict us at our messiest and most human. Every story takes an unflinching look at the unfortunately familiar stupidity that comprises modern existence. These are those little moments, when no one is looking, that make you laugh out loud to remember, that you would think twice before sharing and that are the building blocks of wisdom.

The second installment of Eschew, first published by Dylan Williams’ Sparkplug Books, was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic in 2010, and selected for inclusion Best American Comics 2011.

Rod Lott, of Bookgasm writes:

“This black-and-white anthology goes for the absurd, more often than not, starting with “Flying Squirrel,” in which a squirrel indeed flies, but unwittingly so. It’s wordless, save for one laugh-aloud line at the end... And you’re an asshole if you laugh. Like I did.”

40 pages. 5" x 7 1/2". 2013.

You can download a pdf preview here.

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