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Songs of the Abyss by Eamon Espey

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"Wormdye is perhaps the most unique and truly bizarre graphic novel I have read in years. Eamon Espey creates a world filled with its own mythologies and often shocking imagery. Though not for the easily disturbed, Espey's allegiance to classic comics shines through and the stories are disarmingly funny."

Large Hearted Boy

 Songs of the Abyss is the evolution of Eamon Espey's Wormdye, his debut collection from Secret Acres. Following his obsession with groestque spirituality, Espey delivers ancient Egyptian gods who give birth to biblical giants. Santa Claus is revealed as an agent of the Devil. A scientist performs sadistic experiments in search of enlightenment. All of this is rendered in Espey's inimitable compositions, in black ink and, for the first time, stained glass.

6.5" by 9.5". 168 pages. Black and white.

A preview pdf of Songs of the Abyss can be downloaded here.

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