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“This comic is weird and absurd and silly and baffling in the best ways possible. The humor is as strange as they come, but importantly, it does it all with a straight face, there’s no winks to the audience, beyond of course just how silly it all can be. This is the kind of thing that’s right up my alley.”

- Kevin Czap, Comix Cube

Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Sigmund Freud, Scott McCloud and the Hotrod “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Wayward Girls came to life as a semi-weekly web comic by mysteriously pseudonymous authors working under the moniker Slechtemeisjes. We’ve since uncovered at least one actual name, Michiel Budel, an art school graduate and citizen of Netherlands. This is his first comic, which is shocking considering his skill, and to be expected, because there is simply nothing like Wayward Girls anywhere.

Stitch bound comic. 24 pages. 7" x 10". Full Color.

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It seems we didn't learn well enough after the first issue of Wayward Girls because we have returned to scene of the crime with Wayward Girls 2, the latest print edition of Michiel Budel's web comic, Slechtemeisjes. Nominated for Bleeding Cool's "Comic Most Likely to Need Defending by the CBLDF in the Nest Twelve Months" Award and hailed as the "Greatest Comic of all Time" by CBR,  Wayward Girls was definitely dangerous. Like most sequels, the volume gets turned up a bit for this one. Wayward Girls 2 is longer, harder and deeper than the first.

“It was surprising news - Budel's talent and vision are undeniable, but it was a little tough to believe that this weird stuff of all things had come due for a luxe treatment by one of alternative comics' most exciting imprints. Holding the eventual printed product was, however, enough to make a believer out of anyone.”

- Matt Seneca, Robot 6

The returning cast includes the likes of Sigmund Freud, Scott McCloud and the Hotrod “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but we can add the Iron Sheik to the list now.

24 pages. Full color.

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With its fascistic imagery, pubescent sexuality, raucous humor and complex political allegory, the anonymously posted webcomic, slechtemeisjes, became an instant cult phenomenon, hailed as the "Greatest Comic of All Time" by CBR.

Now, the enigmatic, controversial and provocative creator of Wayward Girls, Michiel Budel, delivers his debut graphic novel, Francine. Teens can be deceiving, and Francine is exceptionally so. She murders her bully, fakes her own death, steals her best friend’s mother and makes any situation uncomfortably sexual. She’s awful. Everyone loves her. You will, too.

Simon Hanselmann, author of Megahex, writes:

“i love this shit. i think i love it so much because i can't quite figure it out. nobody else is doing what budel is doing. nothing else is this innocently(?) perverted. it reads like a weird erotic nightmare, which are my favourite type of dreams.”

Go on a unique, naively erotic, geopolitically savvy adventure with Francine, the most wayward of girls.

80 pages, 8.26 x 11.69 in. Two-color interiors with a four page full-color section.

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