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I Didn’t Steal Your Stupid Canadian!

YES, it’s true. Samuel C. Gaskin’s 2012 will indeed be up in your face this TCAF, albeit in somewhat limited numbers. We will have a pretty stacked little gang behind the table, no less than Sam, Joseph Lambert, Edie Fake, Sean Ford (whose Only Skin 7 is now in the Emporium) and Ken Dahl. This marks the first occasion that all of our books will actually be simultaneously available to those of the Canadian persuasion, outside of Librarie D+Q (and through the Emporium, of course, but that doesn’t count). This might seem odd, but there’s always been something in the way, Canada-wise. Monsters, for example, was classified as porn by a certain distributor and thus not allowed in the gentler lands to our north. Perhaps Ken Dahl won’t make it past customs, either? Though who knows which names “Ken” is using on his IDs, anyway? We don’t. Seriously.

2012 will be the most Acres of the books debuting at TCAF, however, you can find new stuff from Secret Acres’ own Joe Lambert, of I Will Bite You! fame, in the Root Rot anthology from Koyama Press and there’s Edie Fake’s first (we believe) new comics work since his Gaylord Phoenix in the long-awaited Gay Genius from Sparkplug Comic Books. Joe and Edie will both be on a few TCAF panels as well, which you can check out here.

American Mike Dawson will not be joining us for TCAF this year, but he has been a busy bee. If you have not done so yet, you should lend an ear to his latest foray into the podcasting wilds, TCJ Talkies (that’s TCJ as in The Comics Journal), which features an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink conversation with none other than Evan Dorkin. Furthermore, Mike has some very adult new comics on his site here (and we mean adult as in there’s big words, not porntastic action like Monsters). Even more exciting for us is that Troop 142, the final version not yet seen anywhere ever, is done. It’s so done, we may even be signing off on the printer order before we set off for TCAF.

We know not everyone can go to TCAF (and if you can’t go to TCAF and you are in LA, go here; that Malachi Ward guy is real good). If you are feeling sad about not making it to TCAF, you should watch this video spot at least one hundred times a day until you are compelled to go. Of course, Secret Acres has never been to TCAF so we are just as curious as you other TCAF virgins. Rest assured, we will have a TCAF review to beat the band upon our return – assuming our poutine cleanse doesn’t kill us.

Your Pals,

Barry and Leon

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