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Keren Katz (seen here in a photo by Neta Alonim), is a cartoonist, illustrator and the non-fictitious half of The Katz Sisters Duo. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts’s MFA Illustration Program. Her work has been published in anthologies by Smoke Signal, Locust Moon, Rough House, Ink Brick, Retrofit Comics, The Brooklyn Rail, Carrier Pigeon, Seven Stories Press and more. Katz is the recipient of the SVA Alumni Society 2013 Micro-Grant, Sequential Artists Workshop’s 2014 Micro Grant, the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s 2015 Silver Medal and Award of Excellence. The Academic Hour is her first graphic novel.


Keren’s comics can be found in the Secret Acres Emporium here.


Keren Katz’s comics transcend the medium, the text is poetry, the drawings are dance, the stories are not like anyone else, she is a true original.

– Richard McGuire, author of Here

Keren Katz seems to bowl everyone over with her vibrant, zealous elaborate stagings and illustrations. Characters break the constraints of their places and stages, color overwhelms, stories go everywhere.

– The Sequential Artists Workshop (2014 Micro-Grant Award Winner)

Keren’s colorful and detailed drawings certainly make a visually striking—and beautiful—impact and they are all inspired by dance and/or movement.

– Examiner

An artist whose ethereal style of stylized, elongated and graceful figures touched with watercolor have gained quite a following, as well as her ambassadorial approach to spreading the word about Israeli comics.

– Bleeding Cool

It’s safe to say that children in grade school can’t illustrate images this impressive, but still, these Keren Katz renderings have a certain unrefined quality to them that’s evocative of kids’ drawings. This is, of course, a conscious design choice as Katz’s style stands out immensely amidst a sea of computer-generated artistry. Her penchant for leaving things not perfectly colored, her exaggerated human proportions and the overall whimsy of the scenes she depicts are things that make her work endlessly interesting to examine.

– Trendhunter

Children’s book author and illustrator Karen Katz does a lyrical adaptation of Tolstoy’s little-known tales for young readers.

– Brain Pickings, on The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature



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