Zak Sally is a cartoonist, printmaker, publisher, musician and educator. He is best known for his book, Like a Dog (Fantagraphics), and his two comics series, Sammy the Mouse and Recidivist, the third volume of which received two Eisner Award nominations. In addition to his comics work, he played bass in the minimal rock band, Low. He is a native of Duluth, Minnesota, and currently owns and operates his own press, La Mano 21, in Minneapolis. His current ongoing projects include the completion of Sammy the Mouse and a comics biography of author Philip K. Dick.


Revealing and witty, even when mired in darkness.

– Publishers Weekly

Recidivist is reminiscent of work by underground cartoonist Chester Brown, with that nightmarish quality that’s also extremely funny if it’s viewed in a certain way…

– A.V. Club

Zak Sally grabs you by the eyes and drags you headlong into a vision of earnest struggle and serial revelation.

– Jim Woodring

There will always be some whose own version of life, whose own personalities, don’t lend themselves to mainstream tastes. Here’s where we find a man like Zak Sally.

– National Post

Smart and elegant and breathtaking, a comic that forces you to engage with it but rewards you with its tightrope act as the reading experience and the content cohere into a breathtaking whole.


He has discovered the pleasures of irrelevance at last; you are free to do whatever you want. To slip behind people and catch them off guard… …The results are in your hands. Everything is squared away.

– The Comics Journal

Recidivist is dark, complex, fugue-like– unlike so many other books, it both demands and rewards rereading. This is an eloquent step forward for the graphic novel.

– Rain Taxi



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