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Aaron Costain is a cartoonist and architect in based in Toronto. He is the author of the Expozine Award-nominated comics Good Neighbours and Calamity Coach. He is also a member of the disreputable jam comics collective Team Society League; their latest book, the Big Team Society League Book of Answers, was published by Koyama Press. Entropy was nominated for a 2011 Doug Wright Award Best Emerging Talent and the Doug Wright Spotlight Award in 2015.


Aaron’s comics can be found in the Secret Acres Emporium here.


I think if all big questions were asked in such an excellent mix of humour, terror and surrealism, I’d want to get to the bottom of a lot more mysteries. I loved every page.

– Kate Beaton, author of Hark! A Vagrant

I absolutely love the way it looks. The series wasn’t on my radar beforehand, but a certain print caught my eye as I was walking by the table, and I ended up leaving with both the print and all four collections of the comic that he had on hand.

– MTV News

Aaron Costain eschews witless gloss in favour of economy and nonetheless offers an immersing experience… …As a cartoonist, Costain appears to intuitively grasp the medium’s ability to act as a receptacle for outside thoughts and impressions. He gives the reader ample room to breathe, and, in doing so, lends his work a certain depth. In one of his encounters, the golem refers to the work of Haruki Murakami; though removed from Murakami in many ways, Costain has a similar talent for telling dream-like stories without the tedium that usually accompanies other peoples’ dreams.

– Broken Pencil

This is a brutal story that leaves you cautiously eyeballing your own cats as they slink through your house.

– Size Matters

Costain likes to take his time and make the reader think about the physical reality of both mundane and highly strange activities.

– High-Low

This is a brutal story that leaves you cautiously eyeballing your own cats as they slink through your house.

– Size Matters

In his intricately rendered line work, Costain assembles a strangely absorbing self-contained universe. This book is beautifully packed with creation myths, talking animals, and vast, sweeping landscapes.

– Jesse Jacobs, author of Crawl Space and Safari Honeymoon

Ive had the pleasure of watching this book grow, with Aaron, through the years into a sprawling meditation on spirituality and nature. I loved it.

– Matt Forsythe, Adventure Time, Ojingogo



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