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Sean Knickerbocker is a cartoonist, illustrator, and printer. He graduated from the Center For Cartoon Studies in 2012. His comics have appeared in Ecotone, Irene, and the Nib among other publications. He is a native of West Valley, New York and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Seans’s comics can be found in the Secret Acres Emporium here.


Sean Knickerbocker’s stories are bleak. Characters in his comics become trapped with people they’d rather not know in places they’d rather not be, weighed down with memories they’d just as soon throw in a burn pit. So, in all this darkness, what sticks out about his illustrations is just how unassuming they are… …It’s grim yet graceful, apocalyptic yet nostalgic, dark yet deadpan.

– Fear No Lit

We’ve heard a lot this year about comics that capture the current MAGA-poisoned “cultural moment,” but for my money none succeeded so well as the fourth issue of Knickerbocker’s ongoing “solo anthology” series, as he casts his increasingly-sharp observational eye on the dual personalities of a guy who’s an average enough husband at home, and a rising right-wing social media “star” in his spare time. You know the people in this comic — and while that’s a damn depressing thing to consider, it makes for utterly compelling reading.

– Four Color Apocalypse 2018 Year In Review : Top Ten Single Issues

Rust Belt tells the story of David, a toe-haired fella who struggles with the bottle.
Um, that’s kind of it. And it works. How it works is by not adding any theatre to the
world of addiction. Everything about this comic is fairly ordinary and in this sense, it’s the
ideal presentation of an entirely unglamorous affliction… … It comes off
as highly relatable for anybody who’s ever had to grind through something and not crest on
any sense of sensationalism–good, bad or otherwise.

– Broken Pencil

Knickerbocker smartly writes stories about frustrated people in dead-end situations in Midwestern small towns. Most have been about younger people looking to leave town and improve their situations. This issue, “Internet Persona”, is an incisive look into the life of a small-town, alt-right type Trump supporter and his burgeoning internet fame. The thing that really stands out about this issue is the way that Knickerbocker resists turning the vlogger, Jason, into a caricature without making him a sympathetic character… …Knickerbocker has a wonderfully ratty line, and his design for Jason–a pickle nose, patchy stubble, and squinty eyes–is absolutely spot-on. The story is fascinating because what it’s really about the way that internet provocateurs take advantage of gullible dupes to further their own agendas (read: money and fame)… …Knickerbocker demonstrates just how easily a frustrated person can get swept up into this kind of rhetoric, no matter how extreme it might become.

– High-Low



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