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Evoking the mystery, treachery and stillness of the woods at night, the stories in John Brodowski's (Kramers Ergot #7) debut collection, Curio Cabinet, are told with lush, wordless visuals. Curio Cabinet's stories chart how characters transcend their lives and situations, for better or worse. Borrowing from familiar sources: horror movies, rock albums and mythology, Brodowski transforms the horrific to the pedantic and the ordinary to the fantastic, defying narrative expectation and allowing the stories to emerge in purely visual terms. Curio Cabinet marks the arrival of a innovative cartoonist whose style and subject matter is already attracting industry accolades.

Dan Nadel, Picturebox publisher writing for the Economist: More Intelligent Life, says:

"Way out in North America, in the countryside past the suburbs, near a forest near a lake, John Brodowski has planted his Curio Cabinet (Secret Acres). Each story in this collection maintains a perfectly reasonable veneer until, for example, an enormous dog paw descends from the heavens and slaps a man out of a car, or a menacing Loch Ness Monster is hailed by a hard-rocking Judas Priest. This is a book in which a doppelganger of the old Friday the 13th villain Jason Vorhees, he of the hockey mask, appears again and again, like a totem, achieving a weirdly peaceful mythos by the end. And yet it all seems so ordinary in Brodowski’s methodical, carefully shaded panels, each unravelling just so, patiently waiting for us to give in to his logic. All of this is to say: I can’t think of a better metaphysical horror comic in recent memory."

144 pages, 6.5 x 8.3 inches

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