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HUNGRY? Good, because it’s time for CAKE, aka the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (which should really spell Comics like communist Komiks, but whatever). It feels like it’s been years since the last time we went to CAKE, so we are going to make this one count.

Believe it or not, seven years went under the bridge like time standing still since we last had a book of comics from Mr. Edie Fake. We waited long enough, so allow us to introduce a Little Stranger. Look under the covers and you’ll find damn near all of the comics Edie’s made in the seven years since Gaylord Phoenix. Do yourself a favor and don’t expect the psychedelic, psychosexual, pretty, pink fantasy world of the Gaylord. The stories in Little Stranger scare the pants off people, walking the line between horror and comedy and right over into erotica. In other words, expect pure Fake and Edie will deliver you from squaresville.



But whatever happened to the Gaylord Phoenix? The Ignatz Award winner for Outstanding Graphic Novel, Gaylord Phoenix returns to print alongside Little Stranger. Better still, Edie has since returned to the adventures of the Gaylord Phoenix. If you missed them, you can pick up the queer classic’s seventh and eighth installments over in the Emporium. Trust us, these are some most beautifully printed comics ever.



Call it a comeback, too, for Corinne Mucha‘s Get Over It! The only heartbreak survival guide you’ll ever need is back in print for CAKE. Both giggle- and cringe- inducing, Get Over It! gives us all the gory, gooey details on the way to wisdom. Impress your friends with some sage advice, or chart your own progress to getting your groove back. Check in with Ms. Mucha at our table and maybe she’ll throw in some counseling.



In case you missed them at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, get caught up with the other new kids at CAKE. Aaron Costain invades America this weekend. Aaron has Entropy with him, so you can read along on a race back in time to the birth of humanity, assuming he makes it over the border. Arriving from not quite as far north, Reid Psaltis and his Kingdom/Order will show you what life would be like without all that humanity. Consider the state of the world and you might just want to wander off into the woods, too.

If you dare to skip out on CAKE, you can order up all of the above in the Emporium right now. If you happen to be in Los Angeles instead, you might want to check out Theo Ellsworth‘s Secret Psychic Friend Spotlight at GR2. You still need a real good excuse to miss CAKE, since Theo’s show runs until the 13th. Just saying.

See you in Chicago and back here in a few…

Your Pal,


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