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WE PLANNED very carefully for this year’s Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art Festival. However, as they say, if you want to make God laugh, make a baby. Every couple years or so, our gang catches baby fever all at once, but so far, at least, not from one another. Call it a coincidence, but in the past year and change, we have cranked out, and/or expect, a whopping half-dozen little bundles of joy. We speak of actual babies, not books. You can plan parenthood, but babies tend to change up everything else, like a publishing schedule, for example. With great joy and regret, we hereby inform you that Joakim Drescher’s Motel Universe 3, which we had hoped and planned to have for you this very MoCCA weekend, will remain in the oven until, say, SPX. Take heart; we promise you the spectacular conclusion of Joakim’s epic Motel Universe trilogy delivers on every conceivable count. We could have a copy or two on hand this weekend for some very lucky people. Or not. You’ll just have to show up and find out.



To make things even more interesting, Robert Sergel‘s Satan’s Kingdom, once due at SPX, actually does arrive this very MoCCA weekend. Technically, this book qualifies as an Eschew collection. Eschew, as a series, includes some of the best comics of all time, so the burden of expectations rests squarely on Rob’s latest. Go ahead and expect the best because Mr. Sergel never disappoints. As the author of SPACE and Bald Knobber describes it, Satan’s Kingdom contains “eight disquieting stories about the hells we construct for ourselves and others.” We concur, but we must add that these stories, as you’d expect, are excruciatingly hilarious, with equal emphasis on excruciating and hilarious. This one takes a tour of real horrors, from the spite houses of New England to Napoleon in New Jersey, all the way to Desolation Bay. You can even visit Satan’s Kingdom. Not a joke. Better yet, stay safe and read it.



For giggles, Eric Kostiuk Williams crashes our MoCCA party. Eric returns to New York by way of pre-gaming for his big, upcoming TCAF debut of 2AM Eternal. Trust us, after reading Eric’s magnum opus, you will want to party like your life depended on it. Your life may, in fact, depend on it. 2AM Eternal serves as both a historical document and monument to the endangered queer nightlife of Eric’s hometown Toronto. We beam with pride that New York worms its way into the book, too. Between gentrification, mainstreaming, pandemics and relentless attacks, both political and actual, we queers owe Eric many thanks for this service. Drop by and say hello, and maybe catch a sneak peek, hidden cam style, of 2AM Eternal this MoCCA. Who knows? Maybe Eric will tell you where all the good parties are this weekend.



Of course, we don’t go anywhere without backup. Backing up to last year’s TCAF debut, Forget Me Not, we have the one and only Gabe Howell. Now that we think about it, Gabe bridges the gap between queer and horror pretty good. If you missed him in Toronto, now’s the time to get caught up. Coming up from the Hudson Valley is none other than L. Nichols. L.’s got some rust to knock off ahead of their long-awaited follow-up to Flocks, the succinctly entitled, I Am Only Foreign Because You Do Not Understand. Try saying that ten times fast. Sean Ford never dies, and even comes back to haunt you at MoCCA. His somehow even-longer-awaited follow-up to Only Skin, namely, Shadow Hills, descends on SPX this fall, too. We never thought we’d see the day. We shall return, a week from today, with our rundown of everything that happened at MoCCA. Assuming we remember. Till then, we got mouths to feed. See you in a few…

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