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The Interrogative Acres

DO YOU KNOW that Secret Acres is heading to Stumptown? Do you know that Stumptown is a sweet show in the wilds of Portland, Oregon with a killer guest list? Are you going to Stumptown as well? Have you been before? Will you stop by our table and say hello?

Have you heard about the Maisie Kukoc Award that Secret Acres is co-sponsoring? Who would you vote for and why? Will you tell us? Are you sad we’ll be on our way there when the winner is announced? Is it weird that this is the first time Secret Acres will be airborne since APE of 2006?

Would you be pleased to hear that Theo Ellsworth will be joining us at the Secret Acres table? Is it a surprise that none other than Minty Lewis will have her own setup with her pal and husband, Damien Jay, of the Natural World fame? Does the name Blaise Larmee, Xeric winning creator of Young Lions and Ghosts, ring any bells for you? Have you read this thing that Blaise wrote on the TCJ website? Will you take the time to read it now and get back to us?

Did that article bother you? Is there something you would like to say to Blaise? If, like us, you were moderating a panel at Stumptown, the participants of which were the aforementioned Theo, Minty and Blaise, what would you ask them? Would you send those questions to us? Would you be more or less likely to send us questions knowing full well that we will indeed ask Theo, Minty and Blaise your questions, in public at Stumptown in front of God and everybody? Is that a frightening or exciting prospect? If we swear to report all of their responses to your questions right here, would you ask to remain anonymous? Will you join us at our panel? Do large groups make you nervous or do they make you feel secure?

Are you aware that Secret Acres is going to be filmed whilst we do our Stumptown thing? Are you photogenic? If, say, you had oily skin and a voice like Kermit the frog and lousy posture, how would you prepare yourself for the experience of attending a convention which you have never seen before, with your best comics gang in tow and a camera crew trailing you? Do we have time to take your advice?

What would you most like to see at Stumptown? Do you want us to bring anything back for you? Will you keep your requests reasonable? When do you suspect you will hear from us next? When will we hear from you?

Your Pals,

Leon and Barry?


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