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We SPXploded After All!

SO WE SPXPLODED after all. Atomic Books’ bash was SPXtreme. We were SPXcited by new things (Daybreak #3! Boy’s Club #2!). We are SPXtatic to have unleashed Capacity. And we are SPXtra tired of this pun. Thanks to the many who dropped by to say hello and buy our books. And big hugs for Theo, Sam and Eamon for manning up the table and doodling everything for everyone.

Speaking of SPX debuts, Monsters #3 and Pizza Wizard #2 are now available for purchase in the Emporium, albiet in limited quantities until we get more. These suckers sell out quickly, so make sure you get ‘em while they’re hot. We are also quickly selling out of signed, limited Capacity posters, for obvious reasons.

Theo Ellsworth, of Capacity fame, was the subject of great scrutiny at the hands of the The Daily Crosshatch. You can read all of that here.

FYI, we’ve been forced to change the shipping options at the Emporium to better account for our expanding mix of products. We now charge a still cheap $2.50 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item. Larger orders and orders with graphic novels will usually ship Media Mail.

Next up, we are kidnapping Joseph Lambert and smuggling him off to Montreal Expozine this Thanksgiving weekend. Not that they care about Thanksgiving in Canada. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We may have more on Expozine later.

As the weather gets colder and we inch closer to a bunch of holidays, we want to remind everyone that mini-comics make awesome stocking stuffers and Secret Acres books look extra-pretty when they are gift-wrapped and sitting under a tree filled with lights.

Hope you had a happy Halloween! And that you voted, all you Americans out there.

Your pals,

Leon and Barry

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