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DO YOU BELIEVE in life after love? It happens, we promise. As proof we offer you Corinne Mucha‘s Get Over It! Ms. Mucha, Secret Acres’ other woman, serves up both a game plan and a cautionary tale in her latest graphic novel. This little, quick reference guide to heartbreak is built to re-read. That’s the thing about a broken heart; it’s easy to stay fascinated looking at the pieces. Corinne’s going to put it all together for you up at TCAF, our (and everybody else’s) beloved Toronto Comic Arts Festival, happening this very weekend.

Speaking of broken hearts, Barry’s busy recovering nicely from some ticker issues so, alas, he will be sitting this one out. Everyone, please wish him well because he’s cranky as all get out. We are, however, ganged up as usual for this show. Corinne, with little ,original, TCAF only paintings (!) in tow, is taking to the skies, racing the one and only Brendan Leach by air into the great state of Toronto. Brendan’s Iron Bound will be on hand for the first time ever in Canada. We have been assured that the Iron Bound flexi record will indeed play on Canadian turntables, so no worries there.




Reprising her role as the official Secret Acres Comics Mule, the lovely Mrs. MK Reed will be in the Acresmobile, her Cute Girl Network in back (if you just can’t get enough relationship advice). Sitting shotgun will be none other than Sean Ford, with his brand new edition of Only Skin, which Victor LaValle called “beautifully spooky,” christening Sean among his “favorite new artists.” Yeah, we’re a little too proud to have a quote from the Man on the back on that book. Sean’s also got the latest installment of Shadow Hills, so you can get caught up on that before folks start making fun of you. You can come make fun of us, too, since we’re on this panel Sunday. It’s called the New Small Press with Koyama Press, Uncivilized Books and Nobrow Press, which is making us feel very, well, small.

Alas, Edie Fake is baking CAKE, but his big, beautiful Memory Palaces will be waiting at the Acres table just for you, right next to Mike Dawson’s Angie Bongiolatti. Mike’s got the kids this weekend, but both Edie and Mike will be out in force for CAKE, including a reading at Edie’s own Quimby’s Bookstore in the Windy City – but more on that later. If you want a look at Angie Bongiolatti right this instant you can check out a snippet on Mike’s site here. If you want more Mike and you want it now, sit and listen to the return of his podcasts, both of them! There’s a Very Special Angie Bongiolatti episode of the Ink Panthers Show! and, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, a brand new TCJ Talkies. Mike and Tom Hart discuss Craig Thompson‘s epic Habibi in the reformatted Talkies. We really missed TCJ Talkies. Not that we don’t miss the Panthers or anything. Plus! A new Mike comic is up on Study Group with a look at what he’s up to next. Not that he told us or anything.

Can’t make it to Toronto? Get a sneak peak of Get Over It! from Publishers Weekly and Zainab Aktar, and check this shoutout from USA Today’s Pop Candy. There’s also new stuff in the Emporium from Corinne and Sean K. here and here and here. You really should go TCAF, though. Seriously, of all the shows to miss, this is not one of them. We’ll back in a minute with maybe some post-show party details. And who knows? We could run into Blur this time around.

Your Pals,

Casey and Leon and Barry

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