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Why Make Sense?


ONE LAST RIDE for us in 2015 to Comic Arts Brooklyn, our hometown hoedown! CAB makes us feel like Supermen every year. Every year we make the cut means we’re doing something right.

Brooklyn’s lost a lot of its comics scene, with rents and the lure of animation lucre leading cartoonists out west like it’s the Gold Rush. Adding injury to injury, we lost Bergen Street Comics this year, too. Mercifully, Desert Island‘s Gabe Fowler is keeping the flame. Rising from the ashes of ye olde Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in 2013, Comic Arts Brooklyn didn’t miss a beat. For round three, CAB comes out swinging. Really, look at the programming for 2015. Look at it.

Speaking of hometown heroes, our very own Brendan Leach makes his first pit stop of 2015 at the Secret Acres table. Although Farel Dalrymple raised the bar for show sketches at SPX, Brendan has some real chops when it comes to making his Iron Bound look extra pretty. Fellow Brooklynite Sean Ford, of Only Skin fame, will be in the room, slinging his latest issue of his current series, Shadow Hills. Of course, all three volumes of Theo Ellsworth‘s Understanding Monster and the brand new edition of Capacity, complete with limited edition, signed and numbered posters and prints, will greet you with a smile. Just to mess with you, the new, fancier, bigger and typo-corrected Monsters, the classic graphic novel from Ken Dahl aka Gabby Schulz, could be hiding at our table, too. You’ll just have to see for yourself.




If you’re one the Brooklyn defectors, and the west coast has you in its clutches, fear not. Tomorrow night, haul ass to Portland, Oregon and see the Palefire kids, Farel Dalrymple and MK Reed, face off with Brandon Graham. AGAIN. What is it with you guys? The incredible Floating World Comics hosts the terrible trio and their host of cohorts, Simon Roy, Amy Clare, Tessa Black, Robin Bougie and Robin McConnell. Sounds like quite a throwdown in Bridgetown.

Alas, we’ll miss that one because we’re stalking Annie Koyama. In case you missed it, Annie is celebrating ten years of health of happiness, so read all about it. We’re heathens, yeah, but Annie’s friendship is one of life’s great blessings and this milestone of hers deserves fudge. Also, in the ICYMI files, Palefire got the good news from mental_floss and Slate. MK even did the illustrations for the month’s Slate Book Review. If you just need more provocation in your reviews, check out nudes reading comics and their take on Theo’s magnum opus, Capacity.

We’ll be back with the post show post in a few…

Your Pals,

Barry and Leon


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