The Super Bowl Shuffle

Blog-Header-06_08_14WE LOVE YOU like a fat kid loves CAKE, aka the Chicago Alternative Komics Expo (sic). We got no CAKE last year, so we’re starving for flavor. Of the many things we love about the Second City or the Windy City or whatever, this show ranks pretty dang high on the list. As a couple of gay guys, we appreciate the queer friendly vibe of having a show in the hallowed halls of the Center on Halsted, the nicest LGBTQ center we’ve ever seen. Not to mention, our guy Edie Fake midwifed CAKE into the world. Though Edie relocated himself to the wilds of the Cali desert (no, really the wilderness), we are blessed to have some powerhouse local talent at the Secret Acres table. You will be witnesses.

Even if they’re sitting out of sitting at the Secret Acres table, our CAKE gang covers the floor real good. The remote roster boasts none other than Corinne Mucha, of Get Over It! fame and fortune. Corinne set up her own shop for this one, but rest assured, she will be bearing gifts. Our next door neighbor represents something of a reunion for us. Sean Ford, the maker of Only Skin and his current series, Shadow Hills, makes his way to CAKE from his new home state of Kentucky. Yep, he live theres now because that’s where they make the bourbon. Also, you’ll find Reid Psaltis at CAKE. Remember when we said, “hint, hint,” about that guy? Of course not, because we said that on tumblr or the like. We promise a big reveal when we return here with our CAKE tales.




Front and center at our table is Gabby Schulz, aka Ken Dahl aka Food Stamp Beer aka Vomiting Larry aka some other names he’d kill us if we told you. He has so many names. He’s getting Sick to the lovely masses once more. As a fun aside, Gabby took over Edie’s spot at Quimby’s (kinda) when he dragged himself to Chicago a couple years ago. How fitting  he will be on the truly awesome sounding 25th Anniversary Celebration of Quimby’s! panel. That panel kicks off the weekend, too. If you’re angry about Gabby subbing in for Edie, or you simply need more Edie Fake all the time, prepare to be happy because the Kavi Gupta gallery’s got some Edie on the walls for their show Gist & Gesture. In short, make the trip to CAKE, people.

Can’t make the trip? Check out Midwest Book Review‘s take on Rob Sergel‘s SPACEAn Eschew Collection. Or pore over Optical Sloth‘s ideal reader type review of Gabby’s Sick. Or watch Gabby’s short film (we will never say “motion comic” aloud), Suicide Forest if you dare. Or see what the Comics Journal has to say about Sick. Or do all this and have your CAKE, too. See you folks at the show, and see you back in here in week.

Your Pals,

Barry and Leon

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