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One Night Only

blog-header-11_02_16NOW comes the time to close the show on 2016. Our last show of this lovely (for us – and hideous for our nation and civility in general) year makes for our first show after the great Secret Acres schism. Barry Matthews serves as your soul proprietor at this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn. We picked a good one for him, as CAB is now, and has always been, a breeze for us. Allow us to shower Desert Island‘s Gabe Fowler with our praise for keeping the comic book ball rolling in Brooklyn and for keeping us on the CAB floor. Thanks, Gabe!

The other, husky half of Secret Acres relocated to the best coast, Los Angeles, a scant few days ago. Please enjoy his LA report:

Sunny. 72°.

In lieu of Leon, we offer you the return of the previously relocated to Louisville, Brooklyn’s own Sean Ford. He of Only Skin fame returns to his former hometown with a fresh ish of his new series, Shadow Hills. Trust us, Sean will be just as happy to see you as you will be to see him. You can take the boy out of Brooklyn, etc. Seeing as we haven’t even read Shadow Hills 9 yet, you surely need that one, too.




Local hero Brendan Leach, maker of Iron Bound, cabs it over to CAB early. He brings his latest, if not greatest: the brand new, hardcover, over-sized edition of Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City. We know you like to sleep in, Brooklyn, but get there circa brunch time for Brendan because he’s got to teach the children of Montclair, New Jersey or something, a thing or two about comics in the afternoon.




We saved the best for last. Robert Sergel, the man from SPACEAn Eschew Collection rolls in from Beantown (okay, Cambridge) for CAB. We love Rob, obvi, and we have loved Eschew for the longest, and it fits that our first book of the year, SPACE, and Rob are showing up for our last shindig. SPACE showed up on more than a few Best of 2016 lists, so ICYMI, come get yours from Rob himself.




Also from the ICYMI files, the other Rob, meaning the nicest guy in comics, Rob Clough (who had some kind words for Rob Sergel’s SPACE) can now call first with his reviews of our last books of the year, namely the aforementioned Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City and the Order of Things, from Reid Psaltis. Alas, Reid is back in Portland, Oregon, but read all about his debut on High-Low. Congrats on your first review, Reid! It’s a winner. Thanks again, Rob!

We’ll see you, Brooklyn, at the CAB show, and we’ll be back here in a week with a peak at 2017…

Your Pals,

Barry and Leon (in LA)

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