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Marie Antoinette

LET ‘EM eat CAKE! Boy howdy, how we love CAKE, the Chicago Alternative (K)omics Expo. CAKE happens at the Center on Halsted and Secret Acres is the lovechild of two gays. Chicago birthed our man, Edie Fake, and we even have a book to prove it. Our lady, Corinne Mucha, lives there all the time. Chicago never fails to serve up huge feedings for the husky, and it serves as the stomping ground of some of the best cartoonists and artistes around. Just look at this CAKE guest list. What’s not to love?



Our lady of the evening, Keren Katz, continues her whirlwind tour of the planet at CAKE this weekend. If you jumped the gun and picked up her debut graphic novel, the Academic Hour, bring yours because you want a drawing from her. If you missed out on it, there won’t be a better time to pick one up. Keren’s got plans for some improv on Friday, so please stalk her and let us know if she manages to get on stage. She loves stalking; it’s fine.



The aforementioned Corinne Mucha hosts what may go down as the cutest comics event of the year. On Sunday, fearless Corinne faces down an audience of children of all ages for her Comics 101 workshop. Read Get Over It! and you’ll understand why expect her to be everyone’s favorite teacher. Corinne is not the only other Secret Acre on the floor this CAKE weekend, as Sean “Only Skin” Ford will be our table neighbor once again. Sean’s got the very last issue of his current series, Shadow Hills. We haven’t even read it yet, so, please, no spoilers.



Alas, Edie himself will be out in the desert of California, but, should you happen to be the windy city, do swing by the Perfectly Acceptable gang and pick up Edie’s Gaylord Phoenix 7. Yep, Edie returned to the scene of the crime. And all this time, we thought we’d collected the complete Gaylord Phoenix. Cali extends it’s grip on things Secret Acres this weekend with a solo show from mad genius Theo Ellsworth. Theo’s Haunted Helpers opens at GR2, the gallery end of LA’s Giant Robot, on Saturday night. Being bicoastal, we’ll cover that one for you folks that can’t make the trip, but if you can, imagine a room filled with Theo’s creatures. Miss that at your peril.

We’ll be back here in a bit with our CAKE regurgitations. We’ll even have some actual specifics on our bad boy Budel‘s return stateside with his bad girl, Francine. See you on the other side.

Your Pals,

Barry and Leon

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