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Wild Things

OFF WE GO, into the wild, blue yonder of a new comics year with this, our first Scuttlebutt blog of 2018, to mark the occasion of our return to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. We missed you guys! Even though Barry bounced for greener pastures last year, we continue to rock the Royal We, as Secret Acres remains a gang. Permit us this indulgence, please, since we have a new kid and a pair of new books to introduce to y’all at TCAF…



Prepare for the return of Reid Psaltis, the guy what gave you the Order of Things. Reid drops a new world order with Kingdom/Order, his first graphic novel, which is the most graphic novel we’ve ever published. Kingdom/Order takes you right out of the modern world and back into the natural world, all without a word. If you insist on words, you can read all about Kingdom/Order over at our beloved Optical Sloth and check out a pretty dang hot take from Publishers Weekly. Come get yours from Reid at TCAF, or catch him at his homecoming party at Portland’s own Floating World after the show – but more on that later. Reid and Kingdom/Order hit the road plenty this year, and we’ll let you know when they get to you, promise.



This TCAF we also present our first ever canuck, Toronto’s own Aaron Costain, and his debut graphic novel, Entropy. Race back to the origin of humanity with Entropy, and pray you can outrun giants, angels and a very bad cat. Torontonians probably consider Aaron old news at this point, since he received not one, but two Doug Wright Award nominations, both for chapters of Entropy, even. In fact, the locals just took Entropy home in big numbers at Aaron’s signing and gallery show at the Beguiling, Toronto’s legendary bookstore. Many thanks to the hordes who showed up for that one.



Meantime, study up on Entropy at ForewordMidwest Book Review and Publishers Weekly, or, if you prefer, listen up to Aaron on Detangled. If you make it to TCAF this weekend, catch Aaron on Friday’s Comics as a Side-Hustle panel for TCAF’s Word Balloon Academy, and  on the Debut Books Spotlight panel on Saturday. He keeps busy, this guy.



Another reason you want to come by the Secret Acres table this year: a surprise visit from none other than Michiel Budel. Yep, he flew in all the way from Amsterdam for the occasion, poor thing. Funnily enough, his first comic, Wayward Girls, was a TCAF debut back in the day,  but he’s never been to the show. Believe it or not, Francine is a TCAF virgin, too. ICYMI, bad girl Francine made the Comics Journal‘s best of the year. No wonder Michiel never goes anywhere without her. Let’s show them a good time!

Speaking of a good time, yours truly has the honor and the privilege of doing portfolio reviews first thing Sunday morning. We love looking at new stuff, and we’ve already broken the Canadian seal with Aaron, so here’s hoping we get lucky. We realize we owe folks a bunch of responses to submissions, too, so, if you’re reading this and wondering why you haven’t heard from us yet, you will, we swear. Or you could find us on Sunday…

We’ll back in a minute with our TCAF wrap. Don’t go anywhere. Other than TCAF, of course.

Your Pal,


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