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WE LOVE pretty much anything and anyone with a history. It adds character; it creates an air of sleaze. What’s not to love? Comics Arts Brooklyn turns five this year. This means CAB has outlasted its predecessor, the former king of Kings County comics shows, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. In addition to enjoying a second life, CAB has switched hoods, from Williamsburg to Clinton Hill, and from a church basement to a church gym to the Pratt gym, and in the process, it doubled up in size. For 2018, CAB moves from Saturday to Sunday, November 11th.

Keeping up with CAB can be a bear, but you can count on one constant: Desert Island‘s Gabe Fowler. Desert Island has owned Brooklyn for a decade now. In fact, Gabe hosted the first ever Secret Acres party there way back in 2008, for the debuts of our first books, Fatal Faux-Pas and Wormdye. We celebrated our tenth anniversary at CAB last year. Brooklyn will always be our hometown, so CAB is like our Homecoming Day. Even old Barry shows up for this one on his day off.



This year, we got L. Nichols making his first appearance at our CAB table. Mr. Nichols will be sporting the latest of Ley Lines, which would be his own, and the damn near last copies (gulp) of Flocks. Yes, Flocks technically sold out before it hit stores, so get ’em while they’re hot, people. Worry not, there’s plenty more coming in the next couple weeks, we swear. If you skipped SPX, you can make up for that at CAB, what with Robert Sergel coming to town with his SPX debut, Bald Knobber. At some point, we are going to go full Bald Knobber cosplay. Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot our old friend, Sean Ford, hiding out with us, too. Secret Acres indeed.

Meanwhile, catch up with the gang! Keren Katz, our sister from another mister, appeared on our favorite podcast, Inkstuds, hosted by the legendary Robin McConnell. Clearly, you’re reading this, so you probably know never to miss an Inkstuds. Over on our, um, other favorite podcast (?), the grownups on Comics for Grownups take a whack at Flocks in their 89th (!) episode. The estimable Annette Lapointe delivered her own thoughts on Flocks for the New York Journal of BooksNewcity Art dissected Edie Fake‘s Western Exhibitions show, Gut Rehab. Juxtapoz goes off grid for all things Edie, including puppy pix! We’ve been busy bees!

We’ll return with our CAB wrap up next week. Secret Acres will be on the move, literally, post-CAB, so this will be our last show of 2018, sadly. We promise to make it up to you with a sneak peek at 2019…

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