The Boys of Summer

WE WENT to Comic Arts Brooklyn and all we got was this lousy t-shirt! We kid, we kid. We had a couple of kids running rampant all over Pratt’s ARC for half the day, a new thing for us, but delightful because they’re cute AF. The kids probably contributed to the many times when, at the end of the very (too) long day, we kept running into people we didn’t even know were there. On the other hand, we got lost easy in the ARC, which might be the biggest single room for an indie comics show (and we refuse to count TCAF, which sports many rooms on many floors in several buildings, as a room). CAB felt like it filled the place this year, which says something. Also, we’re keeping the t-shirt, L. Deal with it.



All that said, we made the rounds and picked up a ton of a comics. We copped the latest from Uncivilized, including Jesse McManus‘s gigantic Whistling Factory (which we almost missed, so thank you, Keren, for pointing out it was Jesse sitting in the corner instead of behind the table like a normal person). Sean Ford foisted Shawn Kurumeru‘s Burn Man upon us. We caught up with Anuj Shrestha, finally. E. A. Bethea actually gave us All Killer No Filler, which proved true to the name (but we’d have paid for it, silly). Our hero, Zak Sally, handed us the latest and last (SAY IT AIN’T SO, ZAK) Folrath. The kids discovered Scott Carr on their own, and their excellent taste makes us very proud indeed. The CCS kids (again via Keren) gifted us a stack of minis from Natalie Wardlaw (Give us a link, Natalie!), Sage Persing and Hachem Reslaw, suggesting it might be time to raid CCS again. We toed the floor and looked at the ceiling while Al Columbia signed Amnesia for us.

See! You shoulda been there! Many thanks to Gabe, the volunteers, Rob Sergel, L. Nichols, Keren Katz, Brendan Leach, Sean Ford and all the readers walking the aisles for ending our comics year in style. Speaking of, last time we were here, we promised you a sneak peek at our next comics year. Without further ado, we present a couple of the cats in our bag…



You can check in to Motel Universe, but you can’t check out! Welcome to a dystopian, casino galaxy of tasteless hedonism. On a macabre jungle planet, the Skins, a slave race, are hunted for their precious hides by tycoon dictator, Barton Flump. Sound familiar? It might be time for a little revolution around here. We invite you all to meet our new kid, Joakim Drescher, at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2019. Jokaim booked a flight from Copenhagen or something like that for the occasion, so the least you can do is get to Canada.



Some people aren’t invited to the Resistance. They meet no definition of the Other. Identity politics excludes them. They’re called unlucky when they fall victim to economic injustice. They even take the blame for our national crises – but who are these people? Sean Knickerbocker‘s Rust Belt looks right at the underemployed, the working poor and the dreamers of America’s changing, post-industrial cities. He might be a new kid, but you probably know Sean Knickerbocker, as he’s an old pal. Our dream of slapping a Secret Acres logo on Rust Belt comes true at the 2019 Chicago Alternative (K)omics Expo, aka CAKE. Because Chicago is in America.

These poor guys have a tough act to follow. Secret Acres had its best year ever, by pretty much any measure, in its first year as (sort of, but not at ALL really) a solo act. It’d take years, but we would like to thank each and every one of you individually, all of you beautiful people drawing and reading these comics that make even this world worth fighting for. Please, please, please let’s all keep showing up for each other. Now we need to pack on some winter fat for our long hibernation, but we promise to dream of you.

See you on the other side…

Your Pal,


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