Against All Odds

WE LIVE. Sorta. Your can find yours truly on crutches at this weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Don’t worry, Secret Acres is ganged up fierce as ever for this trip. We’re sporting at least nine fully functional legs between us. We promised never to miss a TCAF so long as we’re invited, and bless the Beguiling and TCAF crew for keeping us on the guest list. This year, we present a debut book, one Motel Universe, from a debut Secret Acres rookie, by the name of Joakim DrescherMotel Universe chases the Skins, a slave race on the intergalactic run from the tycoon dictator of a casino galaxy, Barton Flump. Sound familiar? Flump and his degenerate plutocrats make game of the Skins, like actually hunt them for sport and fortune. Every now and then, a little revolution looks like a good thing. Resist!



So what happened to the other six working legs, you ask? A pair of them belong to Aaron Costain, returning to the scene of his big debut from last year, Entropy. In addition to holding his title as the sole Canadian behind our table, Aaron will have prints, originals and of course Entropy waiting for you, but get there early because those crow pictures move fast. Two more legs belong to Edie Fake, that Little Stranger guy what brought you Gaylord Phoenix and Memory Palaces. We feel like we’ve been waiting forever for Edie to come back to the North, so catch him while you can or you might be waiting a while, too. Finally the last set of legs are attached to none other than L. Nichols, lord of Flocks. L. has been everywhere and doing everything as usual, so we expect him to have something going on for the big show, but we don’t know what and we like a mystery.



As we collectively gear up for what may be the penultimate Secret Acres road trip, you can and, really, you should check out Joakim on It’s Nice That in case you don’t want to take our word for it how spectacular Motel Universe is. If you’re in Brooklyn on May 23rd, you can catch Joakim signing at Desert Island. You can go even if you’re not anywhere near Brooklyn; Joakim made the trip from Denmark so it’s the least you can do, plus it’s Desert Island, man. Should you prefer to keep it all online, you can get your Motel Universe in the Emporium right this instant, though that rewards impatience.

We will return with all the filthy TCAF gossip we can get our hands on, plus the deets on Joakim at Desert Island. We may even take a look at what’s next on the Secret Acres menu. You know, beyond physical therapy.

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