Before Sunrise

GREETINGS to you, this Halloween Eve. We love Halloween and not just because it means it’s time for CAB, aka Comic Arts Brooklyn. We take great pride in the fact that Secret Acres has never missed its hometown show, going all the way back to when it was BCGF, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. What once happened in a church basement is now an all-week affair and housed (mostly) at Pratt’s ARC, which we imagine is about one thousand times the size of that old, wet basement. CAB starts the holiday season in style. Many thanks to the CAB folks for keeping us on the guest list.



Our own guest list is quite the thing. Identical twins Glynnis Fawkes and Keren Katz will be cuddled up at the Secret Acres table. They will of course be signing and sketching out their respective latests and greatests (if we do say so ourselves), Persephone’s Garden and the Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow. We figure the seasonal walk down memory lane of Persephone’s Garden coupled with the failed attempts at escaping one’s past in the Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow makes for great holiday reading. Making a trio of things, is none other than CAB driver, Robert Sergel, with Bald Knobber, everything Eschew and Joe Bonaparte in tow. We can’t say this for a fact, but we can’t remember Rob ever missing a CAB, either. Look around and you might just spy some more of the Secret Acres gang. Nobody wants to miss this one.

You can’t miss it, either, we have decided. While you are in New York, you are also obligated, should you have any regard for us or for art or for life or for love, to go to the Drawing Center. Edie Fake, the Gaylord Phoenix himself, spent a couple weeks at the Drawing Center recently, and he has completed his Labyrinth. What isĀ  Labyrinth, you ask? Why, this:



As usual, CAB is the capper on comics year. We need that sense of accomplishment as much as anyone else! This means we’re going to do our usual look ahead to next year when we return to this here Scuttlelbutt. We also promise a rundown of all things CAB. See you in Brooklyn this very Saturday, and see you here back here in a few…

Your Pals,

Sadiya and Leon


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