So Long, Farewell

WE SHOOK off the childhood trauma of gym class and ventured early in the morning to Comic Arts Brooklyn, held at Pratt’s ARC, meaning Athletic and Recreation Center. This means there were 41,000 square feet of space filled with empty tables when we arrived. We unloaded our wares and set up. This being our first show as a solo op since Sadiya made Secret Acres a duo once more, we took the opportunity to set up the table exactly as we liked (and you can eat it, Leon). And then we reset it. And then we reset it. And we reset it once again. Special thanks to the wonderful Rob Sergel for showing up early and playing therapist to our table setting neuroses.



The table was staffed by a band of brilliant misfits, including Rob, Keren Katz, and Glynnis Fawkes. Within two hours of the doors opening, we heard at least five people ask Rob when his new comic would be out. We couldn’t give you a solid ETA, but if you’re just as big of a fan of his work as we are, you can visit him here. Keren made a scene, of course. Like the pied piper she is, she led a parade of cartoonists back to our table to trade comics. Keren gave us the distinct pleasure of meeting Natalie Wardlaw who gifted us a beautiful Mermaid comic we are still fawning over.



During a brief lull in the show, we spied someone wearing an I LOVE OTTERS tee. This prompted Rob to share some horrible facts about otters that had us reconsidering our love of nature, let alone these horrible, adorable animals. Go ahead and Google it; it’s all true. However, we were left wondering whether the love of otters referred to actual otters or gay otters. We can only hope gay otters are less evil, but you never know. A mysterious man came and told us bad jokes because he thought we looked “too serious,” and Kyle, the wandering book hoarder, let us in on the secret of his good cheer (Weed. It was just weed. He was just high.). We marveled at the sight of a holy trinity before our table, in the form Spiegelman, Ware and McGuire (and we were sober, and apparently very serious). All in all, we felt very Brooklyn.



Thank you, all you beautiful people in the aisles, behind the tables and behind the scenes of our hometown show. CAB sends us into our winter hibernation in style. Yep, this will be our last Scuttlebutt until the big thaw. However, as promised, here’s some things to look forward to in the spring of 2020…



Prepare your return to Joakim Drescher‘s Motel Universe with Faschion Empire: Motel Universe 2! The action picks up (and never stops) after the Skins’ slave rebellion and the assassination of tycoon dictator, Barton Flump. A lone bounty hunter, Clara Constellation, searches for Captain Littlehead and the ghost of Caligula. From Planet Pear, where screentime is all the time, to the Adonis Nebula, an empire where the Faschion Police rule with an actual iron fist, the adventure continues with the second installment of the Motel Universe trilogy. MU2 is 2x the size and 2x the fun (and you know, the second part of a trilogy is always the best one)!



Enter A. Degen‘s Marchenoir Library, a gallery of the most beautiful covers from the beloved (and completely fictional, as in it doesn’t exit (yet)), sci-fi romance series, Marchenoir. Unfortunately, the covers are all that’s left of the mystery of the titular Marchenoir, an ex-celebrity singer/songwriter working as a superheroine to pay off her debts, and defend our dreams and reality, as she searches for a terrestrial paradise. Can you read a book by its covers? SPOILER ALERT: Yes. Yes, you can. Degen won’t leave you completely in the dark, though, because there will be one, randomly selected issue of Marchenoir heading your way, too.

See? The world ain’t so bad. Happy holidays, everybody (and many thanks for sticking with us through this year of total, global meltdown). And we are outta here like Brexit! See you in 2020…

Your Pals,

Sadiya and Leon

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